Rachel Neumann is a writer, editor, and teacher whose work specializes in wellness, spirituality, politics, race, gender, and daily life. She is the author of four books, including Not Quite Nirvana,  which was selected for Best Buddhist Writing 2012 and I Am Home: Portraits of Immigrant Teenagers. Her work has appeared in national magazines including the New York Times, Lion's Roar, The Nation, and AlterNet.

Rachel has twenty years successful experience in book publishing in both New York and California, with an emphasis on narrative adult nonfiction and children’s fiction and nonfiction. She specializes in revitalizing publishing programs to reach new and diverse audiences, expanding the reach of experienced authors, and discovering and developing new authors and platforms. As the Publisher and Editorial Director of Parallax Press, she was responsible for completely revamping the publishing program, transforming a small non-profit publisher into one a multi-million dollar trade publisher and creating the best-selling How to …Mindfulness Essentials series, discovering and developing new authors, and creating and curating a successful children’s imprint.

Rachel has been the personal editor for best-selling authors including Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron, as well as the ghost-writer for a number of different adult and children’s authors. She is based in the Bay Area and speaks and teaches regularly around the country.

See Rachel talking about her latest book, I Am Home, on Fox News and at Minnesota Street Galleries.